Wednesday, June 3, 2009

vegan corndog day!

Work was actually quite stressful today. Yesterday, one of the participants was told that the chair she was going to sit in was someone else's. So she picked up the chair, screamed and threw it across the room. Today, while checking her incident report, I felt like doing the same thing. Instead I decided to handle it more maturely and I left the office for vegan corn dogs and a drink.

At the Hungry Tiger Too, they have vegan corn dogs for a dollar on Wednesdays. The corn dogs are homemade too (not the Morning Star brand). I was very impressed. The drink was nice too. (Yeah, I started drinking again but it's okay.)

I actually left to just do my homework for my last NCES class and I finished it. It was necesssary for me to escape in order to do this and have no broken chairs required.

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